Hello My Fellow Bloggers!

I hope all are well. I have not blogged in quite sometime. You see I was going through quite a stormy time and I know you say that this is when indeed you blog. I know. There were hurdles of pain and disappointment;oceans of sobs and moans; nights of terror as they say only in nightmares. And the pain, unexplainable. The understanding not to be found. Everyone is gonna experience the pitfalls of life to some degree, I guess. But it was my turn.  And yet as if it is still so unfair it still continues as I beg my God more than just why but why Me Lord. But then I gather my senses and smile at all the blessings that He grants through his power and His mercy. Especially since I know that within me dwells no goodness except that of the holy spirits intervention. So what do you do when the enemy insist on taking you down in defeat and have you never, ever, to rise ever again except in shame, pitifulness, and of no account? Just like a piece of tossed tissue used to wipe mucus on and then thrown in the trash. No value. No worth. Not a creature of God almighty created. Just mere slime to be afraid of and avoided.

Do you reassure your soul through God’s Holy word?

Do you tell yourself reassuring phrases like tomorrow things will be better?

Do you try to impress others hoping to find their mercy and possibly a smile?

What do you do when the world has turned cruel for you?

I see the videos of those who tell it by slides of paper.

I hear them.

However, I cry like no other because I know that this is not the answer and yet to the extent of suffering I do relate like no other.

But relax. I have enough faith in God to know that no matter what, God will settle every matter.

So on I go as a Poetic Soul. Song writer, singer, Art and Craft enthusiastic creator of beautiful things. Educator and Highly Educated. Yet to be recognized and declared as existing in God’s gigantic beautiful world.

I am a warrior. I was born one. So no matter what I fight on for myself as well as for others.

I count my many blessings. I cherish all goodness and favor.

Thank you bloggers. I just had to pour out a bit of my emotional stressfulness.

Pray for me I ask.  I will do the same for you as I always do anyway each day in my prayers.

And now may all your days find deliverance, solutions, and answers to your many prayers.th_051



My Winston, My beloved Dog died at about 12:45 March 30, 2015, My baby

Maltese-Dog-Pictures-1 I do not know what it feels like in heaven for my Winston right now, but I hope and believe that my Winston is running up and down everywhere without any pain or worry. Winston had epilepsy and diabetes.  He suffered much and last night I had to ruch him to the animal clinic only to end up saying my last good byes.  My dog was a Maltese.  I will not put his picture up because it is very painful right now But I will put a picture of a Maltese and later when I can stop crying so much about it, I will post a picture or two of my darling.  For those who had the pleasure of meeting my pet, he is in heaven now. Waiting to jump back in my arms one day. Prayer: Jesus, You saw fit for Winston to come to you last night, I cried and like no other, Yet I know others know my grief and tremendous pain circulating through my heart and emotions, Please keep him with you till I arrive, There with you will be no sickness ever again, There only healing and no more death, Not even of animals, Tell my Winston that I love him so much I love you too Jesus, Now help me understand this and go on, Amen To all who have ever lost a loving pet, Please give a shout out to Winston as a memorial. He was a good puppy and wonderful dog. Thank you!


flowers blue rose


In the inner soul lys the passion,

Like fine spun threads with rythm,

Bitter, blue and cold sometimes this may be,

Yet delicate and beautiful even in the bluest mood,

As you could plainly see,

Who nourshises this delicate beauty,

Who or what causes this blue beauty to reflect this

so deep and captivating image, so very misty blue,

Crushing chaos maybe,

Or, the other plants with their absinthal comments springing forth

so shrewed,

Yet delicate and beautiful even in the bluest mood,

As you could plainly see,

Was it selfish hurling winds and storms,

Or boistrous, hard driven drouts not letting even a shimmer

of beauty to sprout,

“No!”You will not blossom!” shouted the harsh, bitter, fridget temperatures,

freezing anything that dared to peek a petal,or leaf of any type,

or form,

Blocking anything sprouting, anything peering out,

Yet delicate and beautiful even in the bluest mood,

As you could plainly see,

Nothing was allowed for admiration, or inspiration,

No, nothing,and it did not matter the reason at all,

The temperatures were fierce and cruel, they were bandits,gluttons,

They angrily engulfed the lovely, delicate, fragile, blue rose

with passion,

Yet delicate and beautiful even in the bluest mood,

As you could plainly see,

The vinegary forces endevored to keep its intelligence and beauty troddened down,

Pushed under, so that no one would ever appreciate what blue beuaty

the delicate, fragile flower could offer the archtypes,

typical specimens of the world,

They only wanted her scolded,laddened with sullen, wilted frowns,

But then one sparkling, radiant, glorious day,life was no longer bleek,

and then granted was the freedom that should have always have been,no longer

would she be impearled,

Yet delicate and beautiful even in the bluest mood,

As you could plainly see,

A friend, one day, called golden sparkles came her way with rays of dashing,

valiant protection daring anyone to tresspass this dark, blue beauty,the ambrosial rose,

and he saturated it with his pure love for her nourishement,

Then, all of the creepy crawlers vacated the premises and found else where to pester, dig and claw,

or land upon her with heavy crashing,and crushing,

And with the help of some fresh dew, and a drop of rain or two,it bloomed with pure love,

patience and encouragement,

Yet delicate and beautiful even in the bluest mood,

As you could plainly see,

The delicate speciment of rare, beauty blue emerged,”Blue Beauty,”

rare and delicate,

Can’t help but fasten my eyes toward you,and your intelligence,

spirit stirring, reaching beauty and charm,

With exemplar,soul reaching radiant splendor to behold, admire and view,

relish, and apprecitae,

You bring about a comforting calm,

Yet delicate and beautiful even in the bluest mood,

As you could plainly see.

Written by

Author Thelma Cunningham