My Winston, My beloved Dog died at about 12:45 March 30, 2015, My baby

Maltese-Dog-Pictures-1 I do not know what it feels like in heaven for my Winston right now, but I hope and believe that my Winston is running up and down everywhere without any pain or worry. Winston had epilepsy and diabetes.  He suffered much and last night I had to ruch him to the animal clinic only to end up saying my last good byes.  My dog was a Maltese.  I will not put his picture up because it is very painful right now But I will put a picture of a Maltese and later when I can stop crying so much about it, I will post a picture or two of my darling.  For those who had the pleasure of meeting my pet, he is in heaven now. Waiting to jump back in my arms one day. Prayer: Jesus, You saw fit for Winston to come to you last night, I cried and like no other, Yet I know others know my grief and tremendous pain circulating through my heart and emotions, Please keep him with you till I arrive, There with you will be no sickness ever again, There only healing and no more death, Not even of animals, Tell my Winston that I love him so much I love you too Jesus, Now help me understand this and go on, Amen To all who have ever lost a loving pet, Please give a shout out to Winston as a memorial. He was a good puppy and wonderful dog. Thank you!


14 thoughts on “My Winston, My beloved Dog died at about 12:45 March 30, 2015, My baby

  1. Winston looks very regal. I send you strength to get thru another day. One day at a time. Namaste Ms. Thelma.

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