Yesterday I began to observe what has surely beckoned a response from me as a writer and I say this very humbly. I have posted responses to various society events on and off but I said to this I was not. I guess I just cannot tell the writer in me when a message wil come forth with a response. So I hope inspiration or what ever comfort or guidance it may bring will be sufficient.
We need change,
Our United States of America,
For under God we are to govern,
Under God, we as a people, are suppose too have
our rights and freedoms, Our “Dreams,”
Our freedom of religious worship, provision of safety and
Granted equality, and opportunities to prosper, dream,
Supported moral choices, and freedom of our voices,
Not silenced and ignored,
As “Americans,” across this land,
A law-abiding government is supposed to be our stance,
Our stand,
Not the almighty dollar,
Not the green and white race,
Not dismissing of our existence, voices, or faces,
Our destiny, or any and all plans,
For our beings, our safety and dreams are what takes presidency,
And so, for all these actions comes strong rebukes,
And reprimands,
From God our “Father,”
And change He does and will demand,
Do you need change?
Yes! is the response all over this country,
All over the land,
Please give it freely as I hold up my hands,
Our souls now worth a dollar and 5 cents,
More even less,
Try a quarter, fifty cents,
Crime on every level,
Upheaval and unrest,
Every time a tear falls,
Because a gunman was allowed to run through school
Each time the bodies lay still on floors and grounds everywhere,
And when the answer is silence,
Simply silence,
Silence to pleas for help,
Cruel responses to despair,
Yet the silence to souls leaving this earth has troubled
The heavens,
And from God who cares,
Do you remember God?
He lives in heaven,
But “His” holy spirit abides here,
Do “We” as a people of moral conscience demand change,
Why change is the only measure that we will settle for,
Enough is enough,
Enough is enough,
Enough is enough is our cry, our stance,
Without waiver,
Without fear,
Until we can reach 18th birthdays again,
Until we can sing birthday songs to faces not
Sent to heaven,
Until we safely graduate youth from college,
Until we cultivate intelligent human beings mentoring
And soring,
Until there are well-adjusted beings and with loving hearts
and minds,
That have been allowed to function and mature, thrive,
Until “WE” as a people are living the “Dream,”
So famously denoted by Dr. Martin Luther King,
You know, you do remember the proclamation: “I Have A Dream,”
Do you speak change language?
Most definitely,
With every breath I take,
With every prayer I pray,
With every poem I write,
With every speech I make,
With every step I take,
And with every tear that falls from my eyes as
They pour down my face,
And with every commitment to violence to forsake,
I stand with those who now must defend their selves
From such onslaughts of violence and disgrace,
Relying on God their very being and soul to defend,
Protect and relive here in this place from the evils of men,
For my being is overwhelmed from enduring
Pain, hurt, disappointment and sorrow,
From watching destroyed lives that will never here
on earth see another tomorrow,
Because of senseless fools whose others’ lives they
choose to abuse, abolish,
Obliterate, marginalize, disgrace, and just simply hate,
They openly leave bloodshed, dread, horror, and filth,
They pride their selves with acts of violence such as murder, rape,
Kidnapping, thievery, bullying, mind and physical assaults
on a continuous basis,
So enough is enough,
Enough is enough,
When will the children go to school without fearing for
their lives again?
When will sanity return and not sin and disdain,
When will the array of victims of every kind of crime invented
And imagined stop being allowed?
When will you choose not to silence and not to care
Or hear our protest and cries?
Will it be when Jesus comes and takes the best of the
best out of here?
Saved, sanctified, and able to fly with angelic wings in the air,
Enough is enough!
Time to make America great again,
Time to make her people safe far and wide across our land,
Keeping them safe from organized crime,
From deathly fates,
Bullying and cruel hate,
Time to change what is called care cause it ain’t
Getting nothing done around here,
And in fact, it is getting worse,
I can’t count the candles,
I can’t count the balloons,
I can’t count the teddy bears,
I can’t count the tributes,
I can’t count the I am sorry for your lost statements,
I can’t count the visuals or their prayers,
Or the funerals,
I can’t count the the number of feet that walked in those
Pairs of shoes that seem unending,
Or the endless nights and days of sorrowing over loved ones
Now a statistic,
Now gone, not here,
I can’t count the minds that no words said will ever mend,
Or hearts sorrowing and bewildered about their very own tomorrow,
Or the inner minds of those screaming with grief inside from
Agony and pain,
Or the never, ever, moments,
They just will never ever be again,
Or the ignorant who claim that they are just
taking revenge,
Or the mind sets who excuse their crime reddened
Actions because it has become a popular
A thing to do to fit in,
The scripture has the solutions, guidance, to all this
My friend,
Change is what is demanded,
Again and again,
You must change the fate of young lives,
Give them back their dreams, hopes, sense of security,
Wholesome fun, and protection,
Dreams and not schemes,
Not planned violence and manipulation to further your
Adulterated missions,
And pocket sin filling God objected riches,
I call you to the front of these conditions,
You know who you are,
To answer for your tolerance of such atrocities,
And your vacantly attitude of ignorant silence,
I remove you from your comforts as you sit and ignore all,
Then with pen and pencils bring about more disaster and
Not peace but indifference, and more wars,
Yet you claim it is me, us, that you care about, see, and hear,
Then how come I and others are steady victims of crimes,
We keep landing in the streets, and on the streets,
With no more dreams,
And no more voices,
And no more chances to fulfill goals, plans,
Dream and flourish without fear of moral choices,
How come we do not finish well,
Go to college safely or abide simply in elementary settings
Protected, with tools, pens, pencils, books, and supplies,
And when help is asked,
You say be satisfied,
While every year without this it is bare minimum,
Pure pandemonium, pure hell,
So here is the voice from those who were slain,
They need to tell just what they could have been,
I could have changed the world through song with my
Voice singing,
Through my writings as a poet,
Or as a playwright with the stories I wrote, created,
Through my paintings as an artist with my works on display,
Maybe in a museum,
Or maybe items I created through arts and craft created things,
Maybe profound works with sculpture, or other mediums,
Or just simple educated giving care as an inspiring health worker,
Through my vision as an architect, create blue prints of mind
awe inspiring structures,
Or have become an honest politician,
For an office here or there,
God knows that we need this change today,
Now and in the future,
God will bring about the change for all who have fallen,
They will not be forgotten or unmentioned,
And when the flowers are brought and on display,
And when candles are sought and lit from hand to hand,
And when the balloons are let go in the air with messages
Included in them,
Filled with slips of message paper floating over hills and
Mountains far and near,
It will represent a jubilee, a celebration,
Because change has interrupted the current maze
of despondency, frustration, and discouragement,
Shameful political games,
Because change has plundered the present atrocities and
Revitalized our dreams, hopes, aspirations, and brought
With it tranquility,
Stability and favor,
No matter the race,
No matter the creed or nationality,
Age, or dwelling places that be,
It brought back strength of the people,
United them in love, security and peace,
With justice for all and a sense of pride and dignity,
And when we pledge to that grand and glorious red, white and blue,
We know without a doubt that its waving means the protection of all,
So, we stand appreciating the struggle that it took to overcome,
The senseless, insanity, violent scenes,
Paraded and once plotted and schemed,
Knowing that forever no more, no more,
No more,
No more,
No more,
No because 6 minutes of never ever will ever be again,
Or any count of death moments,
10 or 15, it is just endless and senseless,
Yet ignored and viewed as a complaint,
No more lying still on floors and in coffins everywhere
ever, ever again from senseless shooting done by gunmen,
From senseless crimes,
Because we were vulnerable and defenseless,
Enough is enough,
I have had enough!
We have had enough!
And now I stand here because I have demanded change,
We take a stood together,
And change came,
For our nation and throughout America,
Across this God blessed dwelling,
From sea to sea,
Country to country,
Land to land.
Author Thelma C. Cunningham


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