“Requirements Of The Awards”

There are requirements for winner:

Will fulfill both in this blog:

7 things about me and 10 things about me.

1.  Love Jesus and reading the Bible

2. Love is created people

3. Love to encourage people

4. Love to help people

5. Love to promote others

6.  Want all God’s children in heaven and so try to point heaven’s direction

7. Love to sing

8. Love to draw

9. Love to paint

10. Love to write

11. Love poetry

12.  Love the laughter of a happy heart

13. Love the genuine smiles on God’s children’s faces

14.  Love composing short stories

15. Love blogging

16. Love learning

17. Love praying

15 to 20 blogs I like ( This one is very hard because I have not read a blog that was not inspirational}.

I will simply go in my list and choose between ones at random and that way it is not a special choice!  Here is hoping I land on yours!

walterdoege walterdoege.wordpress.com-*

granaver1 contentconservative.wordpress.com-*

zen and the art of borderline
Seo processor
Anne Sikes-*
Allright!  I broke the rules and there are two extra.  Now I have to nominate blogs for awards too.  will do this in a follow up post.
If there is a star by your name, please leave your full link in a response post>  Example : place in side response gree.@wordpress.com.  That way I can see your link clearly and can submit it.  If no response in a week, I will select another.
Thanks for responding!

31 thoughts on ““Requirements Of The Awards”

  1. Although I am not Christian, I consider your list applicable to people of all faiths – love God, be humbled by God’s love and revel in the joy of paying it forward. 🙂 Congratulations on this well-deserved accolade! 🙂

    • Thank you! You have the right view! The message of God’s love is for everyone. God loves everyone. Some folks say well my life is not worth it. Jesus says that this is why He loved each and all because it was not about anyone being worth pure, righteous love. We just need it and so it is free to all. God Bless!

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