“If Were”



If peace were a color it would be pastel green,

Flowing from land to land and bordering every

ocean, river, pond, sea and stream,

It would grow new wisdom, new joy, new love,

new acceptance, peace and new dreams,

New harmony and new patience that grows as tall as trees,

If peace could be a taste it would be fresh baked bread,

It would smell and taste so wonderful until you would abandon all violence,

terror justification, war and sit at a table and break bread together instead,

If peace could be a smell it would be the smell of fresh blooming flowers,

That gives off a pleasant scent that renews itself every hour,

It would be that way no matter the season,

And because the smell was so pleasant, no one would have thoughts of

being mean, but only love and respect for every human being,

If peace were a sound, it would be a bell that rang

every morning and in the evening again as well,

It would ring for harmony, It would ring a beautiful melody,

It would ring because it was time to worship God,

It would ring to celebrate each brand new blessed morning and

then praises to celebrate a gracious day just ending,

It would ring to remind us to love, to be kind, to end and

start each day with praise and prayer,

If peace were a feeling it would be a warm blanket,

To comfort those being born in to the world day or night,

It would warm up men’s hearts and compel them to care,

It would bring warmth and friendship to God’s children

everywhere and then there would be no longer any war to fear,

If peace were an animal it would be a  gracious lion,

It would roar for the strength of reverence that we had for all mankind,

It would roar for the honor and respect taught to the small and then roar

for the elders setting the right examples for them all,

It would roar for the mothers who bent their knees to God in prayer,

It would roar for the fathers who were at the head of every

family leading and providing,

Guiding, protecting, rearing and raising the young correctly everywhere,

It would roar to celebrate all nations full of the blessings and the favor

of God across their lands,

It would roar out the worship of God daily,

Jehova,  Jesus,

The Lord God Almighty, The Master, The Savior Of Mankind,

The Roaring mighty King!

Author Thelma Cunningham



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