Best Rated Health Care Companies/Insurances

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Financial Strength Ratings
Kaiser Permanente

BCBS of Illinois


Health Net 81.23

BCBS of Florida 81.01

BCBS Of Michigan 80.87

Horizon BCBS of NJ 80.81

BCBS of Massachusetts 79.84

Assurant 79.84

Anthem BCBS 79.76

Regence BCBS 79.62

Aetna 79.58

Highmark BCBS 79.34

CareFirst BCBS 79.22

Independence BCBS 78.84

Blue Shield of California 78.41

BCBS Of North Carolina 77.46

UnitedHealthcare 77.16

Cigna 75.99

Coventry Health Care 75.32

Effective date: 08/21/2012



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– If there is one policy out there that people don’t understand, it is a whole life insurance policy. What most people don’t realize is that you can take money out of a whole life insurance policy. The policy will actually accrue interest which normally just buys more insurance, and a whole life insurance policy is tax-free when paid due to death.
There are a lot of things a whole life insurance policy can do that will change your mind about whole life insurance altogether. One benefit of a whole life policy is that as the policy owner, you can actually get paid the interest every year if that is what you really want. Did you know this?
One of the benefits that most people like about a whole life insurance policy is that you can use the money while you are still alive – this is called the living benefit. If you are getting ready to retire and you want to cash out your life insurance policy, you can do that and you will get all your money minus the taxes on the interest.

Having the ability to use your life insurance policy while you are still alive is what makes most people buy it, but let’s not forget that the real reason to get life insurance is to provide for your loved ones when you are gone.

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Motorcycle Insurance –

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrill of a lifetime, but when you don’t have the proper insurance it is just an accident waiting to happen. Being that the main motorcycle quote is not a good one, you really need to think about getting insurance on your motorcycle. If you are not familiar with the quote that I am talking about, then see for yourself, “There are two types of riders, those who have been down and those who are going down.”

The reason many motorcycle riders don’t get motorcycle insurance is simply because they are not required to. Motorcycle insurance is something entirely different than car insurance, and because of that, the law doesn’t require any insurance for you to ride. Even though it is not a law to have insurance, you still should have a basic policy on your bike and on yourself.

Being that the cost of motorcycle insurance equals that of a meal out, you should not take it for granted. Our advice is if you don’t have any insurance right now, you should get insurance for at least half the value of your bike and a small medical policy for yourself. The reason why you need these two things is to cover a new bike and to cover an ambulance ride in case you get seriously injured.

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Business Insurance

– As a business, you need insurance. Businesses without insurance are risking everything they have just to save a little bit of money each month, and that is certainly not a wise move. Business insurance, also called liability insurance, is needed to protect the business, the businesses assets, and even protect the business’s customers. The most important benefit of business insurance is that it takes the risk off the business and places it onto the insurance company.

Business insurance can cover many things, and something that almost every business covers is general liability insurance. What this does is protect the business against claims due to negligence, property damage, bodily injury, and even false advertising. Having an insurance policy in place to protect the business’s assets is huge when considering everything that can take place in, around, and from the business.

If you have a business that sells products, then the insurance policy you would want is product liability insurance. The benefit of this insurance policy is that you will not have to pay out of pocket if your product causes personal injury or even death due to a faulty product.

Getting any type of insurance can be a hassle if you don’t know where to start, and that is why you should start right here by getting business insurance quotes. The benefit of getting business insurance quotes online is that they don’t take much time, they are easy to do, and best of all you will get the best price for the insurance policy you want. If you are ready to protect your business, then what are you waiting for? Start today.

There are a lot of different types of insurance policies out there, and that is why it is important to know as much about each one as possible. If you are new to buying insurance, then make sure you know as much about the policy as you possibly can, and on top of that, get a price quote as soon as possible. Knowing the price is very beneficial. Not only can you tell which companies have the best policy, but you can tell which company offers the best deals.

Now that you know a little bit about each insurance policy, we hope you learned enough to make an informed decision today. If you still have some unanswered questions regarding prices, then don’t hesitate any longer. Simply fill out the form above and all your questions will be answered.


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