” PLEASE REMEMBER THIS!” Not God OR the Gods!”

How is society ranking with the favor of God?

Have you taken a look at what is really happening in the earth today?

Why is their so much judgement in the land by our weather and other means?

Why do we have enemies everywhere and no peace?

Has our goverment told you that you can rule your God instead of serving Him?

Have you been granted evil power that has lead to the destuction in the earth everywhere and by sure rebellion grants more to come?

Has the right to think rightly banned as books that deal with intellectual rights of thought now prevailing in society?

Are we agreeing to boycott what makes sense and being lead blindly down a path with few who even turn around to glance at what is really going on?

Do we wish to blind, mame, torture those whose eyes aren’t shut and are sounding the trumpet as to what is taking place?

This vote that is taking place is about the future of our society.  Man against our God, our Heavenly Father who surely will prevail.

Is Our goverment against or for God and  people who will choose to blindly shut their eyes to a false sense of power to medicate the ills that they have chosen to implement in society on a daily basis that is temporay because God’s judgement is surely coming?.

Have the numbers brought security to you or  God and his principles that maybe you too have openly chosen to abandon and have accepted the forces of evil worship to the God of darkness instead of the God of creation who will surely render an eternal destructive end to these temporay forces now in their hay day?

Ask yourself where are you today and what do you believe or want to dedicate your soul too?

Ask yourself do you want to be told what to believe and when and where to be and how much you are allowed to say or do?

Where are your rights  right now!

Are you scared to be brutilized by those around you for standing up for what is right?

Notice, I did not say for being a Christian but for what is right!

There are alot of questions that relate to how much of freedom has been lost and that will be increased as long as “We THE PEOPLE” agree as a people to implement wholely litigation that constantly takes away human rights and freedoms.

NOTICE!  FREEDOM is now TAKEN AWAY as a WHOLE by the very phrase “WE AS A PEOPLE”  that was ment to insure JUSTICE and not destruction of,   CIVIL RIGHTS, RELIGIOUS RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, and all rights mandated and implemented by the “Declaration OF Independence” granted by our forefathers who had the understanding of how best to regulate society by less of us and more of GOD, THE Heavenly Father, God our creator and keeper.

Where, people were people and not torture sacrifices because they are considered nonhuman beings.

Where we dependent on God and not ourselves.

Where we understood and realized that we had no need for war because “WE AS A PEOPLE” served God and God protected America and so we had peace in and all around us.

We respected God and all people.

Where watered down principles were not implemented to bring about injustice and cruelty.

You did not have to be cute and without flaws to be considered human.

These are popular phrases now:

Gandhi’s now popular “Be the change you wish to see in society”

Buddist proverb about “being the path you wish to travel”

I say, “Serve the God you want to protect you!”

Now, I do not find in these days a right view that is wholey right now adays by most ecxcept it be a true minister of God’s word.

Here is a figure that has some views of mine and so just take a look at what is here and see where we mostly are now as a society.

Ralph Nader: 17 solutions:

Here are the topics of the 17 chapters:
1. “Fundamental tax reform”
2. “Make Our Communities more Self Reliant”
3. “Give Science and Technology Back to the People”
4. “Protect the Family Unit”
5. “Get Corporations off Welfare”
6. “Crack Down on Corporate Crime” 7. “Create National Charters for Large Corporations”
8. “Restore Our Civil Liberties”
9. “Use Government Procurement to Spur Innovation”
10. “Reinvest in Public Works”
11. “Reduce Our Bloated Military Budget”
12. “Reengage with Civic Life”
13. “Invent New Tools for Reform”
14. “Organize Congressional Watchdog Groups”
15. “Get Congress to Have Skin in the Game”
16. “Enlist the Enlightened Super-rich”
Which denotes positive contributions towards progressive social change from George Soros; in a previous chapter, on corporate welfare, it mentions favorably T.J. Rodgers’ testimony to Congress.
17. “Get Back on the Field – Literally” which is about the negative effects of professional sports compared to participatory sports.
I have skimmed most of the book and lingered on Chapter 8, which sent me on a tangent tracking down, via the internet and Palo Alto libraries, Erich Fromm, and especially his book “The Two Freedoms” from 1941. I also found a 30 –minute archived video of Erich Fromm with Mike Wallace, from the nineteen-sixties.


What Is Your Vote Really For?

Are you ripping the country and world apart?

It will count and you will experience the consequences of those in power using their power to do things with power contrary to God, our forefathers and human rights on a daily basis.

How powerless have you really become?

As powerless as the lies that you choose to medicate yourself with when you choose evil power over  God power that is right and the best rule for our society verses what is popular.

What will you want to give to society?

A myth or a God?

Violence or peace?

Cruelty or human respect and allegiance to humanity?

Unity around God and human dignity, and human rights, moral values or evil worship, and destruction of moral principles and society?

Destruction of marriage.

Tearing down of society by economics, class, income, and manipulation?

Codeming of success by the rationale that you do not deserve what you achieved unless you do everything that I demand that you do with it what I demand?

We vote what is right daily instead of the bill of rights?

War against women by making them have big boobs and a figure that is flawless inorder to be noticed and seen less then respect and  disreghard of intelligence.

Women against women and race against race and poor against rich and religion against religion.






  1. Dear Thelma,

    you are right, we need a fundamental change in our society. The title of this brilliant book from 1941 written by Erich Fromm you are mentioning is “Escape from freedom” or outside North America “The Fear of Freedom”.

    I read this book “Escape from Freedom” (german title: “Die Furcht vor der Freiheit”) last year for a second time and I was astonished how contemporary and relevant this book still is.

    This book, written at the culminating point of european fascism in 1941, could have been written perfectly well some years ago and would still be an exact description of the kind of society we live in today and would be still a valid and accurate diagnosis of our age.

    It´s sad to make such an observation, but it´s the truth. And every deep and real reform of our societey must start with some honest people saying the truth about the society we are living in now.

    And the book “Escape from freedom” is not the only “outdated” (?!) book that is still a valid and accurate diagnosis of our age.

    Read for example Aldous Huxleys sarcastic and ironic novel “Brave New World” from 1931 and you will be astonished how accurate in many aspects this book describes the type of society we are living in today.

      • Dear Thelma,

        you don´t have to thank me. It´s you, the readers of my blog, who got me through in those two years I have been writing this blog. If I´ll make it, it´s because of you. So: Thanks to you, Dear Amanda!
        And if you are a religious person (and I think you are): Then thank god.

        As you know, I have always been a big admirer of Martin Luther King Jr. and I mention him often in my blog. And it´s not because I am a very religious person. It´s because Martin Luther Jr. was such an intelligent and courageous person and tried so hard to improve the situation of the black community in the USA and the situation in american society in general at that time: Because no society can be a good and free society as long as some minorities are denied their basic rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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