Holding Someone Back/Blocking Them Because You Are Not As Talented

Have you experienced people blocking your progress?

Have you experienced people trying to cling on to your success?

Have they tried to change your sexual preference ?

Have you experienced folks looking at you with cruelness simply because they are trying to block your progress?

Have they tried to violently block you in to a corner or box?

Have they boycotted your product simply out of hate?

Have they had you unlawfully prosecuted?

Try to treat and call you an animal or dog when they and their mannerisms

portray this but they appear and make their selves seem to be upright with their violent methods

Have they hated your very name and know nothing about you at all except the

lies that were spread about you?

Do they try to make you like them in order to have a sense of peace or feel that you fit in?

Have they joined in to block and hurt you and threatened anyone who dared to help you simply to carry out their madness?

Have they gathered crowds of folks together to help them accomplish their

goals of blocking you?

Does your talents upset them day and night?

Are they flying around in your house and coming against through the realm of devil worship and your mate or friends and other people or a combination of these are helping to facilitate with the activities?

Do they try to minimize you accomplishments and grandize their own.

Do they have the nerve to try and take your place?

Do they exalt their selves above you so to speak and try to treat you as if you are nothing and nobody when they are the ones who come from dire straits and worse?

Have they: To keep you from moving forward:

Lied on you



Tried to date you although you are married

Imagined their self as your mate in a sick manner

Scattered your name with shameful gossip

Attacked you physically

Belittle any imperfectness

Shame any flaws

Humiliate anything about you in a large scale and violent way

Try to leave you abandoned and without help from anyone

Make enemies for you

Attacked you unending verbally

Tried and are trying to prostitute you

Tried and are trying to destroy everything you accomplished

Have they called their selves limiting your success through violent shame?

Attacked you inhumanely through witchcraft

Now you know that you are not crazy and yes this is happening to you.

We need to address these issues openly?

How do violent, deranged, extra ordinary angry, violent people change a Godly focused world to a horrible place to dwell in?

By us.  By not addressing the changes as they transpire.

By staying silent on these circumstances.

By just letting it simply happen.

By going along and making these inhumane beings feel as though they have power.

By making them feel important and needed to carry out their madness when we are upset with someone and then resort to their inhumane viciousness as well.

Never, ever, rely on these people’s methods.  It is dangerous for the entire world. There are countless people who have changed the world through madness.  The world is never better off through inhumane madness.  History has the tendency to repeat itself over and over again.  Monsters do recreate themselves again.

How do you know a vicious person?  They are crowd changers.  They cannot function in their madness without you allegiance.

If you must give your allegiance, give it to Christ.  He is the solid means of graciousness and good for this world that He created with God our Father.

Christ said, if someone offends you and this will happen, then bring it to him.  Christ will settle all matters appropriately.  This helps grant you your peace from the offence.

Notice, Christ did not say bring it to an evil practicing being or form evil groups of people to address the matter.

If you want to be as talented as someone that you see?  Christ said ask me.  He said that He delights in giving us what we ask.  Now all that we ask is not for us and so Christ sends what is.

When we agree with one evil, then we invite all evils including acts such as rape and murder.  At the end of evil these of the worst are their along with a list of anything else written and imagined.

Vicious folks are addicted to evil acts against folks they love to target.  They also are addicted to recruiting new people on board to keep their madness going.  This is how they feel empowered and find their purpose in life.

Unfortunately, finding others to bring on board is endless.  This is just how a Godly world gets changed to something out of a Steven Spielberg novel.

Dangerous and unrecognizable.








Take back our God given world and make it a safe place for everyone to live in again.  Stop the madness.  If it can be made Evil through madness, the it can be made Godly, Safe, and Enjoyable without Fear, Loving and Livable through allegiance To the good of all mankind and Christ.

THIS is just that simple.  Rule out the evilness and Uplift the righteous good deeds done and spoken on your sisters and brothers behalf. Support your sisters and brothers for good and never evil alliances. JUST SAY NO TO EVIL ALLIANCES.  You need Christ To help you to succeed.  It is not only all about only The Benjamin Franklins!  Most evil is spreaded on a large scale once this becomes a part of the situations.  Everyone wants their cut or favor or both.

This is how evil spreads from one or two to the masses.



God, settles matters best!  Besides, the forgiveness that you serve with is the same forgiveness given back on a grand scale!

I have faith in you!  I know that love, forgiveness, kindness and graciousness abides in your hearts.  Why do I know this?  Because you have read this blog to the very end!

Be a helper too.  Begin to help those you know mastered by hate and vengeance.

Make A Tea Shirt that says, Today I Spread Love And Forgiveness And Not Vengeance.

There is freedom in love and eternal captivity in vengeance!


Live!  Love!  Breathe Life Into A Withering Soul!  They Need Your Energy!


16 thoughts on “Holding Someone Back/Blocking Them Because You Are Not As Talented

  1. Brilliant post, and true. It’s hard to deal with this in the workplace but so much harder and and so difficult when it happens in your personal life, a sibling, a parent or worst of all a partner.

  2. “Vicious folks are addicted to evil acts against folks they love to target.” This is so true. It is like an addiction and if it is impossible to change them, we have to focus on bettering ourselves and staying positive. Thanks for the post! 🙂

  3. Hi Thelma,

    Well, you are right. This is the world we are living in. It´s a world dominated by cynical and stupid idiots blocking the intelligent and altruistic people who try to do something effective and helpful for our society and our world. And you are right, Jesus Christ means forgiveness.

    But don´t forget an adequate dose of vengeance is not really that bad. Some fools and assholes need a serious lesson so that they can find the way to truth and redemption and to a more civilized behaviour.

    So if those fools and assholes get a lesson, you are only helping them. In fact, sometimes it´s your christian duty to show such fools and assholes that they have gone too far. That´s how I see it. And finally somebody has to take out the garbage of the hood. The decent people who are living in my hometown will be thankful and glad about it.

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