Peace And Love!

Peace And Love!









23 thoughts on “Peace And Love!

  1. Thelma…a great and love post…some facts are hard to accept…I feel only loving is the crucible way…I pray for love and peace too…I am well…I feel my mother is well…Dear Love, love protects human being. I was missing you and receive my warm embrace…your work is an inspiration for me and for the people…keep in touch…sincerely…Walter

    • If each one purposes to reach each one and one another with a message of peace, then the flow of peace like a giantic wave will soak the earth with needed peace and then create an atmosphere of respect and God manifested harmony and calm presence. Can we wake up and respect each other no matter? That is what the question is. We find excuses for all ill behavior. We need to find a reason and reasons for respect and peace. We need to just DO IT!

  2. Thelma, thanks for being another link to sending peace to this most tragic situation. Sometimes all we can do may seem trivial, but we know that it really does count. Whenever we experience difficult times, it always helps to know that someone cares!

    • Yes!.. The monsters only lurk around when they feel that they aren’t noticable. The traggic part is the ones on many levels who get others to carry out their missions. Then, they sit back and act as if they are righteous. They also have the nerve to dignify their actions after causing such violent responses to their actions overall in society. We desperately need Godly leaders in society again. Ones whose hearts are intuned with God’s heart and who don’t see him as their enemy. Leaders who do not use any and everything violent or anything else to get them where they want in society or to help keep them where they are. Sadly, violence prevails now in our society and our society loves violence. Our society promotes violence and it is on a far more much violent level than ever before.

  3. Thanks so much Thelma for visiting my blog. I truly appreciate. I love the calm I feel when I look at your blog. Very cool. Thanks again.

  4. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I will learn a lot of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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