He Knows Me! VIDEO/

Hello To All! This Is A Blog Of Support. Their Are Many Endeavors I Would Love To Do With What God Has Blessed Me With To Create.

Thanks For A Positive, Heartfelt Response Inadvance!


Desiring To Reach The Masses Through Words

Author Thelma Cunningham

Dear: Sir/Madam:
My Name is Thelma C. Cunningham. I have recently published 6 books. I was blessed to do this after I became extremely ill and then found the time to pursue God given talents. I realized that I would leave this world with all my talents unknown to anyone but me and Jesus. Needless to say, I began to put in motion all that I was given to pen and paper. I am a gifted poet/gospel soloist. I have written the first ever African-American Child series book about a character named Lisa. There are 7 stories in this classic volume. I have also written a book about my mom who has passed on and is in heaven now. The other 4 books are books of heartfelt, amazing poetry with a down to earth unforgettable read. Poems are about love, Spiritual, Everyday Messages, and Jingles. Poems and books can be viewed at


The reason that I am contacting you is for sponsorship. My endeavors are to be able to promote the books local as well as national and internationally. The best way to accomplish these goals are through participating in festivals, book events, cultural events, etc. There are hefty fees involved to be able to participate in such events. I am seen as a vendor and must pay vendor fees. I also need finances for the purchasing of the books because my books are very expensive and I do not have control over the price of sale. I am able to buy at a discount price with the purchase of so many. My books are sold online at Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and all online book stores. The web site has in-depth detail about books and links to view various sites and displays of books and poetry. I would gladly place an advertisement of your company on my table and pass out your business cards or small flyers. I will need support from all to help out and not just companies and business. Anything amount given is appreciated.

First option:


log into their pay account if have one

go to send money

put the amount of money

put my e-mail address-thelmac@aol.com


click submit

Second Option:



30 thoughts on “He Knows Me! VIDEO/

  1. I am so pleased that you are trusting us enough to reach out to your blog followers for support! I pray for you with your health issues. I already knew you are very talented, even before your statements here!

  2. Hi Thelma! Thank you for following the Make Shoppe. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share all my adventures with you. Pretty blog you have…I love all the color! Best wishes with all of your future plans!


  3. I am so inspired! You have 6 published books? I am working on my first book right now and my biggest goal in life is to be an author. Had to drop by and say hi!

  4. Sweet Thelma~you were inspired to post this today because my soul was crying to be reassured these truths~ thanks so much! My prayers are winging your way~ Always in gratitude ~Deborah

  5. Thelma,
    Thank you for wanting to follow my blog. Your words come from your heart! They are full of love, faith, and truth. Thank you for sharing that with me and the world. I look forward to your words popping up on my reader.


  6. Congratulations on your publications!!! I had stopped by to let you know I’ve tagged you for a Lovely Blog Award…and saw that you have already been tagged! Instead of directing you to my post about it (assuming you won’t want to do it twice) I’ll just say congratulations again, this time on your lovely blog itself 🙂

    • Hi! Thanks! What I do in those cases is get one of that kind with a different image since thaey all have atleast 2 to 3 of them or I just pick another award since the meaning is still the same in many instances.

      Thanks again, Thelma.

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