The Micor Chip Is Already Here And Is Implemented In People Over Seas>

It Has Already Been determined That It Comes Here Next> It Will Be Here Soon No Matter What. The First Attempt Is To Take Place 2 years From Now.
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28 thoughts on ““THE MICRO CHIP IS HERE”

  1. This is an urban legend, perhaps confused with references in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to the CHIP program. CHIP is the Child Health Insurance Plan to provide health care for children of low-income parents. It’s been around since the Hillary Clinton was a U.S. Senator.

    For example, the video guy calls HR3200 a Senate Bill signed into law. Its not, HR3200 is a U.S. House bill that never went anywhere and was never signed into law. Obamacare was HR3590. Obamacare has no section 2521. It skips from 2503 to 2551.

    But make no mistake… the micro chip is not only here today, but has already permanently altered the fabric of life as we know it on planet earth forever.

    Its not a monitoring micro chip implanted in someone’s body (yet), but rather chips inside virtually everything else and carried by almost everyone everywhere they go… their cell phones among thousands of other personal miniaturized electronic devices containing powerful micro-processors.

    • You are quite right but you must also research the topic. This chip is implemented in others over seas already. A special was done exclusive on tv a few weeks ago not even related to Obama. This chip is here. How long will it be before mandatory? Not very long dear. If not Obama’s admin, it will be implemented in with some one else. The economy will be one of the driving forces for this. In the hospitals now, you never know what they do or what they will do when you are under anyway.

  2. You are right… this thing is being done as you and the video speaker say in other parts of the world.

    I very, very much share your concerns about the invasive intrusions into our privacy by government and corporate America and its not for our benefit, it is for theirs. That is wrong and should be fought at every turn.

    My point is this… its not under your skin, but its already here lurking inside your cell phone, car, home, office, I-pad and laptop.

    But none of it would be possible without the Internet. The Net has become ubiquitous and pervasive throughout the world and the tiniest micro-chip with all the data it holds is instantly accessible to everyone, anywhere.

    The Net is a great good for humanity, but is also capable of tremendous abuse.

    • You are not geeting it! It is being placed under the skin already! You will need to do some research. That is why I posted the video. Not for a political statement. Not at all. People such as yourself are not aware that this is being done! How will it get to where it is mandated for all? Of course through the goverment. If not this administration one for sure in the very near future. Look up what I say! You will find it to be so!

      • Here is one evident article. You will have to research the rest on your own.

        Under your skin

        Oct. 25, 2004: Into sci-fi? Get a load of this. The Food and Drug Administration last week gave a company the go ahead to begin marketing microchips that can be implanted in humans to give physicians quick access to their medical records. We kid you not. The way it works: The rice-grain-size doodad is inserted just under the skin. (Note to the squeamish: no stitches required.) The VeriChip-as the device marketed by Florida-based Applied Digital Solutions is dubbed- stores a code that, when scanned, releases information in a database. The company touts the chip as a way for doctors to have instant access to crucial patient info during office visits as well as emergencies. Still-a microchip under your skin? You’re not alone. “If privacy protections aren’t built in at the outset, there could be harmful consequences for patients., ” says Emily Stewart of the Health Privacy Project. Her advice: If you opt for the implants, include only vital stats like blood type and allergies-in other works, stuff you don’t mind others knowing about you. Otherwise, let’s say you’re unconscious: “Do you really want the person treating you to know,” asks Stewart, “that you were treated for, say mental illness at 15 or had an abortion at 17?” (Source: U.S. News & World Report, Oct. 25, 2004, p. 22.)

        August 2, 2004: What do lost doges, mad cows and the Mexican police have in common? They may all benefit from radio frequency ID (RFID) tags made by VeriChip, a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions in Palm Beach, Florida. Mexican Attorney General Rafael Macedo de la Concha says he and 160 of his deputies had the rice-grain-size chips implanted under the skin of their arms. Only people with the chips can past electromagnetic scanners at a new federal anti-crime information center in Mexico City. Each month, says Applied Digital, such RFID chips help reunite 6,000 lost dogs and cats with their owners. The technology could also be used to keep tabs on all cattle that share feed, so their meat can be tracked if there’s a renewed outbreak of mad cow disease. Chipping humans, it seems, is the inevitable next step. (Geri Smith, Business Week, August 2, 2004, p. 77.)

  3. An aside…
    Thelma, we share a small world connection. I see from your about section that you attended Baltimore City Public Schools. It is one of the largest K-12 school districts in the United States. Like many large urban districts it has pervasive fiscal problems. Its the worst I’ve ever seen. At the time it had been under Maryland state receivership for more than 2 decades.

    I did consulting work for that district for 3 months one time addressing a segment of that problem.

    I worked in the central administration building every day. I distinctly remember the partially collapsed building directly across the street from the main entrance where there was a good sized tree growing on the second floor!!

    My favorite hang-out area of Baltimore is the inner harbor. The higher paid IBM consultants stayed there and I could go get all the free food I wanted at their hotel every day after work and then we enjoyed all the hots spots there at night.

    I made solemn pilgrimages to Edgar Allen Poe’s grave. I drove by it every day on my way into town. I visited Belmont Park once, but was not impressed. πŸ˜‰

    Baltimore is a great city stooped deep in American revolutionary war history that I had fun visiting. I enjoyed my time there very much.

    • I am glad that you know a bit or two about my town. Now having said that, we here in Baltimore Maryland also have one of the best Educational Systems around. Any problems within this system do not far out weigh any other school system in any urban setting in any town in a similar setting or institutional established learning environment. I am a product of that system. Learning starts at home and then is furthered cultivated in a mandated learning environment or in one of a fortunate choice. I was always chosen for testing as a young one in the Elementary School System because I was a above average learner. My IQ is still rated at genious level. Does it mean that in every arena no. I assure you that I have pit falls the same as everyone else. Streams of people influx here to become educated and do just fine. Needless to say, there are youngsters all over the world who are not engaged in the learning environment. This needs an overall from city to city and state to state as well as town to town. The bio here only gives you a snippet of my learning credentials. I have also attended Towson State College as well as Notre Dame. 2 technological schools.
      2 online Schools for The Medical Arena. I am very proud of this town. There is plenty to fix just like any where else. But, there is still alot here to experience, learn and enjoy as well.

      I am glad that you have seen some of what is to do while you were here. There is so much going on here now and much to keep up with through out Maryland.

      Visit again! The welcome sign stays the same place it always has been! (Smiles)

      • I’m not as smart as you, but I can hold my own πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

        I’m a product of public schools myself and strongly believe public schools provide a more well-rounded education than private or charter schools ever will.

        All public school districts suffer from chronic underfunding to a certain degree, but it is usually worse in larger urban districts. Unique to BCPS is it was successfully sued by a disgruntled parent over providing federally mandated Individual Education Plan (IEP) services.

        A problem in public K-12 education is the federal government mandates, by law, that certain services be provided, but does NOT provide full funding to pay for them. The states and schools have to come up with the difference, as well as prove they provide the services according to federal law.

        That is what got BCPS. A federal judge dissolved the school board and put it under court oversight until it could it prove it was providing the mandated IEP services. In 20 years it could not do that. As much as anything, it had to do with a failed computer system that they had invested 10s of millions of dollars. It was a real mess!

        In Baltimore I did not work with classroom teachers or even visit a single school… but my experience is that teachers are among the most talented, dedicated, overworked and underpaid professionals there are. No group of professionals are more passionate about their work.

        I’m a westerner more adapted to cactus and rattlesnakes than urban life. I don’t get out to the right coast that often. When in your city, I did manage to travel around Maryland and took in an Orioles game. I also zipped up to DC numerous times to one of my favorite places… The Smithsonian… and managed to cross swords with NSA spooks at Ft. Mead one sunny Saturday morning. LOL!!!

        Your state and city showed me a good time.

    • Thelma – I was quite surprised to see you had posted about the chip. I’ve been talking about it for years, but most turn a deaf ear. It’s refreshing to see others bring such matters to the surface.

  4. Will anyone be able to ‘trust’ the information of the chip anymore than anything else? Every device like this can be hacked, is being hacked, information can flow in two directions. It’s definitely not natural, and therefore against the will of our gods. Another version of trouble city.

  5. Thanks for posting this Thelma. The hard part in getting people to listen is that there is likely a frightening number that wouldn’t bat an eye at the chip becoming a requirement.

    I remember back when I was in college, my communications class had an assignment to give a short persuasive speech in which you needed to get the rest of the class on board with your side of an issue. I chose to speak against this type of chip-under-the-skin technology (I believe the one I tackled at the time was called Digital Angel, originally meant for pets but with possibility of being used to track little Timmy if he got lost). I thought it was both a unique topic and, to be honest, would be an easy one to get people to see my side on. But most of the class actually was in FAVOR of the idea. It was surprising to me then but I think the biggest thing I took away from that assignment was learning just how quickly and easily people will think nothing of potentially kicking privacy and perhaps even personal freedom to the curb if it means their lives will be more supposedly safer and more convenient.

    • Yes! That is why we are so in trouble about this. The culture is just right for it. The Bible was so right about things. See what we did not realize is that everything that was gonna happen to make it so easy to accept. Seems unthinkable. But so was the Holocast. But so was slavery. But so was The Kennedy assination. But so was Christ crucifiction. But so was Martin’s assination. But so was ……….and on and on and on…………

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