And now, It Is Just Me

I woke up this morning,

I looked all around,

I beheld my environment,

I got out of my bed and bent

my knees to pray,

For you see,

For now, it is just me,


I know that I first should be thankful

about things,

I know that I should start

this communication giving you

thanks and praise,

So help me because,

Now, it is just me,

I do not understand how predicaments

seem to be assigned or some how

unfortunately come to be encountered,

But I know that I have had my share,

And finally,

From them,

I am bewildered,



And exhausted,

Let me not forget to admit in

danger and in a state of crisis,

Since it is just me,

I know that you do not mind and

understand my sincere tears and

soul pouring prayer,

If I had the power to rearrange some


I truly, truly would,

So please accept my apology for any

wrong doings and for the many

occasions that my behavior caused

me to be misunderstood, overlooked,

or given harsh treatment and cruel looks,

For you see,

I have to be honest right now,


Now, It is just me,

I need your help to manage things,

I have made a complete mess out

of the life that you have given me,


I know that even the worst of a mess

Is what you know how to change,

You are the only one best at that,

You rearrange and make a person’s


Beautiful, stable, and a productive

blessing to behold,


Thank you for listening to me,

Thank you for pleasant, peaceful,






When I am hysterical,

Send needed miracles,

Help me to extend what I want and

need from you to all others whom I

encounter and greet,

Bless me to be a blessing,

But most of all,

I know none of this will transpire

without me first always,

Finding myself before your throne,

Constantly praying and depending

no longer on myself solutions and

only on thee.


On my knees constantly before your

throne I will remain even after you

fix these, my dilemmas,

I acknowledge like all others who have

come the wrongs I have done and

that I am an awful sinner,

My miserable state,

You alone only possibly will tolerate,

And as you said in your word,

That which I do remember,


“I will never leave you,

You are not forsaken,”

I am broken,


Now, it is just me,

Depending on you for each

and everything.

Author Thelma Cunningham


92 thoughts on ““AND NOW IT IS JUST ME”

  1. Amen and amen. I try too often to take care of everything on my own not troubling God with the everyday stuff and only handing off to him the things I have so totally screwed up. Blessings on your day, Jeanne

  2. Just you…I could express this state of soul in many forms, but you get it!…I feel me this way a lot of time…I love Jesus…I pray…Thelma, thank you so much…I am not feeling so alone after reading……congratulations for your poetry…sincerely…and I must ask to keep in touch with me…Walter

  3. So honest and heart-felt, so aptly spoken…

    “Help me to extend what I want and need from you
    To all others whom I encounter and greet;
    Bless me to be a blessing.”


  4. Beautiful, brought tears to my eyes, you have inspired me to start writing for God again, been a bit since I picked up writing for him. My emotions always swayed me to write. Or my books swayed me to write, but this is something that has touched me. I am glad you found me today and it brought me here today to read this. It really touched me. God works in amazing ways. 🙂 Thank you 🙂 You write and feel so well, God has so much in store for you!

    • True. Until we face the alone and the friction of dealing with the soul, the truth of ones own very essence will comtinue to be avoided only to the individual. the question becomes; Do you want to look at your behavior or skid pass it inorder to justify who you are and your current obnoxious pilgrimage for the justification of I have the right to continue to pretend and stay violent with reactions chosen and hurreled at my chosen victims? In other words, I am lawless and proclaim the earthly right and stance to kill at will. Yet this in it’s self portrays the restless soul doomed to a hell bent eternal damnation. Heaven is occupied by the forgiven and forgivers only and the entrance pass is enternally stamped by an eternal forgiving Saviors blood.

  5. A perfect model for the prayer of humility, contrition, and dependency upon HIm that I wish to start each of my own days with, dear Thelma! Thank you! No daughter has done better!

      • I like it when things are to the point. We need more truth. No more beating around the bush. But at the same time, Truth with compassion. Not everyone wants to hear the truth. I guess it’s due to that fact that people are afraid to see themselves for what they really are. However, if we are to grow we need the truth in order to make the decision towards change.

        I pray that I’ve made some sense here…^__^

  6. Good morning, I woke this morning and had words running through my head about the importance of waking to another beautiful morning. I was not sure what to make of them and began to read my blog where I found myself connected to these lovely words to get me started. Thank you, for the serendipity. Sometimes we only have to be awake to find the words or pictures to fill the rest of the day.

  7. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    When I woke up this morning, I was thinking of words of poetry about morning. Words like awake, observed, welcomed and others appeared on my mind’s palette. I opened my blog and found this gift from Thelma that spoke the words I was looking for to start the day. It was a totally serendipitous moment after reading Father Richard Rohr’s meditation about being our real, authentic self. At a retreat on Bainbridge Island (what a breath-taking place) with familiar strangers, this was an amazing way to begin the day. Thank you.

  8. I miss you!…today I’ve read your posts…the rose in the water is an image that touch me a lot…I keep my work…I keep on loving as my only crucible way…receive my friendship and all the best. I keep on praying confident and with joy. Thank you for all. Walter

  9. I don’t know
    if YOU still think here
    No idea of here
    or gone
    I came back / by
    to breathe the PURENESS
    and to watch Hope’s
    thinking Fawn

    By the way these
    words keep grappling
    with a LIFE
    quite firmly held
    this, MY convocation
    of good’s readings
    i just pray correctly spelled

    Hello, Young LADY! I had to refresh my soul… Thank You.

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