“From All The Way”












From All The Way

All the way from the throne,


From let there be light,

and it was so,

From the Son of God,

To the seed of the woman,

From the seed of Abraham.


And David,

From being born of a virgin and

being called Immanuel,

From the womb to the cradle,

And being born in Bethlehem,

From being called “The Bright And

Morning Star,”

To Savior for All,

To being called out of Egypt,

And being baptized by “The Holy


While being placed under

water and being baptized by John,

From the Heavens opening up

As the Heavenly Father announced

“This Is My Beloved Son In Whom

I am Well Pleased”,

To being a Prophet like Moses

After the order of Melchizedek,

From childhood to Priesthood,

From praying to our Heaven Father

In Gethsemane Garden,

From public ministry,

To working of miracles

While teaching godly principles

and parables,

From preaching in the temple,

To being meek, caring, and lowly,

From being compassionate and

without guile,

To being despised by his brethren,

And a stumbling block to the

Pharisees, Seduces,

And being hated and rejected

by the Gentiles and Jews,

and despised by most all,

From being betrayed by a friend,

And the disciples forsaking him,

To being sold for 30 pieces of silver,

From standing before Pilot,

And being smitten on the cheek,

To His visage being marred,

To being spit on and scourged,

And grieved for by His mother,


From carrying the cross all the way to


From suffering in silence,

To having feet and hands nailed

by the Romans to the cross while

He bleeds,

From being forsaken by The Heavenly

Father while covered by Sin,

Hanging there in agony with a

Crown of thorns pressed in skin,

From being mock and given gall

and vinegar for drink instead of water,

When He cried,

“I thirst within”,

From garments being parted and lots

cast for his vesture,

From being called a transgressor,

while interceding for murders,

From bones not being broken,


Being pierced in His side,

To hanging on the cross

until He died,

From being buried with

The rich and flesh not

seeing corruption,

To ascending on high,

To His glorious resurrection,

To restoration in Glory,

And sitting on the right hand of God,

To forever now Savior, Lord and King,

The universal God of all,

From the cradle to the cross,

From the grave to eternal praise,

Jesus Christ!

Lord, God, Savior of the world,

Lord, God, Savior of all!

Author Thelma Cunningham



27 thoughts on ““From All The Way”

  1. Congratulations, dear Thelma, on a most complete and celebratory paean of love and adoration and humility for the wondrous live, death, and resurrection and Reign from Heaven of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  2. I am very impressed by this rendition of the life of our saviourt. It is clearly your role to re-present and reinvigorsate the presentation of the Word of God. Blessings alwasys. From Johndwmacdonald!!!!!

  3. I have posted this on http://johndwmacdonald.wordpress.com with my own wee introduction. I did not reblogg because I have found that this knocks out the lines.

    One idea I have is you might consider a few more lines near the end about rising and being verified and meeting people as a fleshly real person prior to ascension.

    Have you visited Skull Hill and the Garden of the Tomb in Jesusalem. You would adore this I am sure! Blessings Ever.>>John

    • Hello! Blessings to your take on this inspired piece. I went to the site and was very pleased with the post. I was trying to keep the attention in the poem and that is why is proably ended right there. But your suggestions are valid. I will have to however wait for the next inspiration and include that as part of it. Each inspiration has to be as uniques as possible. This is always the goal when composing along with timing for particular pieces. Than you again,


      Author Thelma Cunningham

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