Question?  How Do You Hate Who You Have Hurt

And Then Say That You Do Not Forgive Them?

They Have To Forgive You And Not You Them.

Never The Less, Heal People , Heal!

Heal Inorder To Have Your Own Inner Peace.

If This Is You, You Know Who You Are!

Words From The Throne!


24 thoughts on ““FORGIVENESS”

  1. Thelma…so beautiful and assertive…I apreciate very much your poems and your poetics…affinities….loving is the only way to live…I try to write and I guess my practice writer is to express my loving…I don’t know what is love…I feel love…forgiveness…a fragrancy of loving…especially myself…is simple and diffficult…I know you know…’glory, glory, aleluia / his truth is marching on’…this song sounds me so well!…Elvis Presley sings in a great performance in show on Hawai…’an american trilogy’ is named on set list…I remember Whitney Houston…as my feeling guides me…and so I feel that love support my missing…I must forgive…as you write…from the last goodbye…loving is transcendent…

  2. So true Thelma..you have to be able to forgive..not just expect others to forgive you..even if any wrong doing or hurt that is caused is unintentional..sometimes we might just say or do something without thinking..Me personally..have never set out to hurt anyone..but i know if i have i feel hurt myself & always say “sorry”..no harm was intended..sometimes what we say or do can be misunderstood by others..which has happened to me before..but even in if that is the case i will still apologise..respect & blessings to you..

    • Thank you for the response. You know, it amazes me how we as God’s children will not give or even accept an aploogy, or forgiveness! This is the work of the evil one. We must take ourselves out of the grip of his plan and place ourselves under the Godly destination of joy, graciousness, and an ever blessed eternal living with the Heavenly Father who gave and made this our destination in the first place. Not to forgive and call ourselves the keeper of mankind’s faults, sins, trespasses, mistakes, and imperfections is the work and personality of Satan. This is how he presents you to God and then says you are not good enough for heaven and to not let you in once Jesus has forgiven you of all. Worst of all he wants you to drag around your forgiven trespasses after you are forgiven like a gloomy, unpenitrating darkness. Be worry of people who are always keeping track of all that someone else does. They are crucifiers who need forgiveness more than anyone else that they are trying to hold in their dungeon.


      Refresh us from each other and repair our hearts with you ointment of care and love!

      • Hi Thelma..I totally agree..the way i see it is..our physical being comes from our parents..our spiritual being is our connection with God..the part of us he creates..which makes us all spiritually his children..therefore brothers & sisters spiritually..if we do wrong or hurt someone physically..we also hurt them spiritually as well..which is where God is also hurt..by seeing his children do harm to each other..instead of loving & helping each other..even if it is someone you have never met before & have had no relationship with before..you are still spiritually connected through God..

    • Yes! Just in time for ressurection. We as God’s children are in dire need of a ressurection of our attitudes, connection to God, honesty, greatfulness, faithfulness, Spiritual connection ressurection and the ability to let God be in control and not what I want for someone else other than myself, and most of all how to be a blessing without manipulation.

      God Bless!

      • Jesus died so that the bond that held us to God can be tighter… so every time we sin we should remember that we are putting Jesus on the cross and nailing Him… We are each time given a second chance to live happily but we keep sinning and assuming that since Jesus died for us, we will automatically be forgiven..the day The Lord’s wrath will fall on us…
        Thanks again for the post. Be blessed.

      • Hi! Yes Jesus loves Me. Yes Jesus loves Me. For the Bible tells me so. I use to feel that Jesus did not love me. A lot of times I still struggle to believe that someone as pitiful as myself am poured upon daily with his love, care, guidance and acceptance. Then I realized that Satan is the only one who hates me truly and daily. It is hard to feel accepted by such a pure, undeserving love. But nevertheless Jesus loves us all. Jesus knows and knew that we would daily be in need of his blood to cover our inperfections. We were not made to live perfect. We were made to live holy and depended upon him to help us to do so. Man is inperfect because he has a sinful covering over him called flesh. It is not going to heaven. Man will shed this flesh for the eternal being that will never sin. God only knows the true children of his and that is why God said for no one to do the seperating accept for him. God knows who is His. We need not focus on anyone accept to pray for where we see their imperfections and our own. Blaming, shaming, attacking, being the best dammer is not the fruit of the spirit. Let us pray and never stop if we see a case in dire need of God’s help if nothing else. This is love in action. Without this, we ourselves are just as sinful as any sin that we so think we behold in our sister or brother.

        Lastly, saints of God are not put here to die for sinners. Jesus took care of that already. People try to manipulate the word of God for their own purposes. The Holy Spirit does a great job at teaching, correcting, guiding, keeping and leading. We most often are not equipped mainly because we ourselves are not fully yielded to Christ and therefore lack the wisdom.

        Let us pray, support, help and understand that Yes, Jesus loves us until the very end and until you breath your last breath and sigh the last bit of life, forgiveness no matter who likes it or not is applied not matter the mistakes or sins. Jesus knows the out right rebellious not us. He judges best. Just always help, support, and pray!

        God Bless!

      • WOW…You have summed up everything. You should consider taking the message to people.. It is straight to the point and easy to understand…FORGIVENESS IS THE ONLY KEY.

  3. Hi Thelma,

    I just dropped by your lovely and inspirational blog to thank you for doing me the honour of following my blog. I appreciate your interest and support in my new endeavour and hope you enjoy my journey.

    • Support of others is very important. It takes much time to view the blogs here. I love doing that because they are so well put together.What is very rewarding is when I find the ones without any views. I am sure that they are supporting others and maybe just haven’t been noticed for their efforts. It builds your own support as well as encouage what they tried so hard to construct. Thanks for responding again.

  4. Great advice! I think a lot of people don’t realize how holding a grudge can be detrimental to their own well-being; how forgiving someone else is helpful not just to the person being forgiven.

    • Well! Thank God that He forgives all no matter what. I am very glad to have posted this topic. It is bringing a sense of healing and to God be the glory. Anything I write is applied to me first. Infact, I go back and reread over and over again.

      Thanks for sharing!

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