“Inside My Heart”

‘Inside My Heart”

by Thelma C Cunningham

If there was any way possible to let you look inside my

You would see how much I love you,
In my loving arms you would fall and me never doubt,
You would finally realize just how I truly meant what I
said and that from the very day that I saw you that my life was
never the same.
The only thing that I can do is tell you this over and over again.
I can only show you this daily and do the best that I can.
Most of all, you would know that to you I will always be
So please believe me when I say that I love you because,
If you could see inside my heart,
Everything that I just said is what it would tell you.



18 thoughts on ““Inside My Heart”

    • Hello! I wrote this poem for all who try to express just how much they are dearly trying to express when knowing they are truly in love or when they have been together for a bit or two and the other is still unsure of their love for them.

      thanks for sharing.

      Author Thelma Cunningham

    • Yes! Yes indeed! You can share what you are and where you are. You are most sensitive when your heart beat is genuine, true, and at it’s best is founded upon love.

      This indeed has a soul such as yours for you too understand heart language.

      Thanks for sharing!

  1. Hi Thelma ! I really like this poem !

    Love is one of the most wonderful things people can feel.
    I genuinely think that the title of the song “Love is all you need” is really true. :3
    I can stay two days without water, but not two days without love.

    Thank you very much for sharing this, and thanks too for following my art blog !
    Have a nice day !

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