“Things Moms Say”

“Things Moms Say”

Mom’s say things like,

“A little soap and water never killed anybody and

It won’t harm you.”

“You will know when your older.

“Don’t rush growing up.

“Am I talking to a brick wall?

“I did the same things when I was your age.

“Are you going out dressed like that?

“I’m your mother not Ms. …..

“I brought you in the world and I will take

you out.

“Clean up after yourself.

“I am not your maid.

“You must think I was born yesterday.

“Are you mentally challenged or something?

“Do you think those clothes are gonna pick

their self up?

“If you show off, I will wear that but out right there

and not when we get home.

“Do you need a hearing aid?

‘You are going to church whether you like it

or not,

“Don’t make me come in there.

“Go out side and play.  It is a beautiful day.

“Where did you get that lying from?

“How many times do I have to tell you no.

“I do not have to explain myself.  I said no.

“Your not my mother, I’m yours.

“Close your mouth before you catch flies.

“I do not buy food for the neighborhood.

“I’m gonna skin you alive.

“This is for you own good.

“Don’t embarrass the family.

“Why do I have to keep repeating myself. If

I said it once, I said it a thousand times.

“I’m not gonna ask you again.

“Look at me when I am talking to you.

“You are getting on my last nerve.

“If you put things where they belonged, you would

find them now would’n you.

“When I was you age…

“Stop stumping up those stairs

Before you make the house cave in.

“No running in the house.

“Mommy loves you and so does daddy and Jesus.

Pick that stuff up before someone falls and breaks their neck.

And that’s a wrap.     

It will end with that.

This is not to say that there is not many left


Such as turn the lights off and take your narrow behind to bed.


This is poem 2 of what Moms say.


Author Thelma Cunningham







42 thoughts on ““Things Moms Say”

  1. Thelma…I want to say that I love my mother and my mother loves me…I love my father and my father loves me…I’m a happy man…my mother is alive in her ninety years old…she is a lovely person…it is my experience…

      • your poem is what I feel…love is a miracle…love is the miracle…a matter of faith too…so simple…so difficult…to perceive love…to love…nothing but love…tonight Roger Waters presented a great show here were I live…’mother’ is one of the songs that touch me more…the bricks of the fallen wall…with these bricks we can build a brand-new world…love is a miracle…for me to love is all…is all we need…I need only loving…I feel in this way…a poem: a miracle…a gift to the world

      • I still require a lot of serenity…to accept…the farewell…the last goobye for Whitney Houston…but she is with us…I hear her voice when I remeber and hear the recorded songs…I look to her…I find her…on my memory…whem I hear a song from her…in a CD…on my hearth

  2. Thelma…keep writing…it’s a great hear your voice…your voice sounds in harmony with poetry…I’m only a writer…one book published…a romance…the second book I’m writing

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  5. My mother used to deliver similar lines, complemented with some “colorful” improvisation, of her own, for added inducement. My grandmother, too…but in Brooklyn-laced Italian. Thanks for sharing.

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