“Miracle Love”

Miracle Love


When love is a miracle,

You cannot see straight because love will fog your vision,

When love is a miracle,

Your hearing gets dull and you are totally blind about everything

because you have been captured by love and are lead around now
by love’s passion,

When love is a miracle,

You no longer use your brain,

It is useless to you,

All of your friends and family say you have gone insane,

You get up late,

You are unable to concentrate,

You try to talk and sound intelligent,

But it keeps coming out scrambled or mushy,

It appears as if you are not functioning

the way you use to do,

Family and friends all say that they will be glad when you

calm down and are back to being you,

When love is a miracle,

Forget about sensible reasoning,

Just the mention of your love’s name,

Makes you stop everything that you were doing,

In fact,

You really weren’t on task any way,

And almost every other thought is always what was said

or experienced together,

You are nervous,

Your outfits to you no longer fit or look right,

Your hair appears awful and with it you fuss and fight,

You practice what not to say,

You practice ordinary things,

And because you are not relaxed,

You may knock over and break or spill anything,

Your rooms for the first time you clean completely,

You even wax, clean, and shine the car,

Miracle love almost wears you out,

And just when you are about to give up on wooing

with your charms,

Because it seems and appears to be a definite TKO,


The wooing has become worth all the pursuing,

Unthinkably in love, now appearing you two,

You have your miracle,

It may have been quite the challenge,

But you now are resting in one another’s arms,

And nothing else matters but the miracle of love.

From The Book Majestic Poetry

Auhtor Thelma Cunningham






12 thoughts on ““Miracle Love”

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  2. Real true love is absolutely a miracle. Your lovely lines express this so very well and just pound away in my heart right now! So many fantastic memories for this ol’ lady!

    • हाई!
      आगे की ओर देखें आपके भोगने ।

      ऑनलाइन अनुवादक भेजने का प्रयोग आपको यह प्रतिक्रिया हुई है | (* मुस्कान)

      पुस्तक-‘ पौलिश thelma कनिंघम

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