“Dad’s Expressions”

“Dad’s Expressions”

“Your mother will take care of that one.

“ What did I say? And don’t you forget it.

“You must think that I’m your mother.

“I will skin you alive.

“And that’s that.

“I will turn this car around.

“Be ready.

“I gave you all the money you are going to get.

“Do you need me to take some of it back?

“Sleep over?  I need peace and quiet.

“When I say go to bed, I mean get in it.

“ I work from sun up to sun down and then some.

‘Ask your mother.

“I will give you something to cry about.

“Keep your elbows off the table.

“Stop being a cry baby.

“Your mother and I run this house.

“Fight until you are bloody.

“Do you think I am running a pig stein.

“I didn’t raise no cowards.

“Is that understood.

“Stand up straight and stop slouching.

“Take some responsibility.

“Act like you got some sense in your head.

“I will knock the daylights out of you.

“This is your mother’s and my money.

When you are old enough to work, then

you will have your own.

“As long as I put a roof over your head, food on the

table, shoes and clothes on your back,

“That is all that is required of me.

‘If you need me, just let me know,

And my dad always said,

“It is hotter than a Montana oven with the damper down,

“No sir.

“Where’s your mother?

“Your mother must not of had you tested yet.

“Of course I love you, I’m taking care of you. That

In itself ought to tell you that.

“You children are gonna eat me out of house and home.

“I will slow walk you down.


You better bet,

Whatever dad said, dad ment.


30 thoughts on ““Dad’s Expressions”

    • Hi! Thanks for your comments. Yes! Poetry is about LOVE. However, poetry is not only about love. Poetry is about any subject in the entire world that you select to talk about, sing about, and poetry in motion is dance, painting, and song. So poetry is everywhere and in everything. Clever are the souls who are capable of expressing it.

      Thanks for sharing!

      Author Thelma Cunningham


      • Thelma…I guess poetry in not about love…poetry is love…I know…I’m a writer…a romancist…an essaist…for me love is all…loving is poetry…loving is a poem in a beatiful movement…I know I’m not a poet but poetic…perhaps

      • Hi! A romantic is just right for love poems. Write about love all you want. If it is anything that is always needed it is love.

        I write poems on all subjects and also love.

        Thanks for sharing again.

        Author Thelma Cunningham

  1. Not all, but a LOT of these things my own dad said! As I look back, the reason I felt so vulnerable my first semester away at college was because my dad was not around to say these things to the other students!

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