Do You know That I Forgive You

I really do not understand how I can,

Or why,

Immeasurable hurt abounded inside

after you,

This thing, these things you did,

I was perplexed, confused and

wondered why,

Because hurt may come when people

make mistakes,

But when done on purpose,

Many a soul inside dies,






And gloom,

I knew I had to find myself

Or my life was over soon,

Could I find the strength to forgive,

Pass all the hurt,



Self blame and even shame,

My groaning enlightened my senses

And allowed me to refute every

self accusation of blame,

But, I forgive you,

My feelings swayed like leaves blown

By a strong wind,

Back and forth,

Sometimes fiercely and other times violent,

Wanting revenge as I cried,


Inconsolable whimpers,

Inner being left hollow,

Then miraculously,

My emotions,

They finally subsided,

Allowing a shimmer of healing inside,

I lamented,

I started listening to a minister,

Forgiveness is what is constantly ministered,

Well, when you are hurting,

Truly wounded,

Pounded by the offense, offenses,

Memories hurling you to the abyss,

Nothing said like forgiveness most times


In fact,

You would rather die,

But ,

Inside I did, I continued to die,

My soul inside continued to die,

I realized that I had to let this go,

This one thing now I understand and realize,

That is,

Bring all and every situation to God who

Already knows,

And ask him to help you to heal and forgive,

Jesus will handle the situations and comfort your



My advice to you is live,

Let it go,

Let Jesus carry the hurt,

Take care of restoration,

Take care of justification,

Grant you a resurrection and

manifestation of acceptance and love,

Bless you,

Give you peace and nourish your soul.

And if you are the offender,


To Jesus you bow your knees,

Ask for forgiveness please,

And those who you are offending,



Let them go,

The freedom you give them is the same

freedom that will save your own soul.



    • Hi! Very good way indeed to start the day. Start with a prayer of forgiveness. You said it perfect. Lord thank you for this day you have granted unto me. Please forgive me of any mistakes that I will make today. Please give me a forgiving attitude toward anyone who will offend me too. I need to forgive them just like I am asking forgiveness from you. This is your circle of love. Thank you Jesus for perfect love. In your name Amen.

      Thanks for the gracious comment,

      Author Thelma Cunningham

    • Thank you for taking time to read my b log. I love to read other peoples poetry. Besides writing my own, this is one of my favorites. Everyone has their own uniqe style. It depends on their experiences, command of their language, the environment, and exposure to things in life. If you so desire to learn about folks, just read their poetry. Their you will find a wealth of information.

      Thanks for taking out the moments to respond again,

      Authoir Thelma Cunningham

  1. The Lord bless you my sister, I love your creativity with words, It’s a gift from the Lord. May he open wide many doors of opportunity for you. I’ll be back to read more.

  2. Honesty and depth, I like it! You managed to get all those emotions and hurts flowing like a river rolling over hills and valleys, and brought them right to the heart of Jesus. Well done. 🙂

    • Thank you for taking the time to read the blog. So many times we only want to deal with surface hurts. The real hurts are way down and come out in attacks at different moments. The goal of this poem was to get to those hurts that are rooted and are hard to face, deal with and let go. I wanted to be able to help folks at that state. Sometimes and alot of times according to how much hurt is there we would rather die than to forgive. God has a way to help us deal with those hurts and this just happens to be one of those ways. God bless.

      Thanks again,

      Author Thelma Cunningham

  3. Thelma…so beautyful poem…forgiveness is a hard task…but only loving…from the deep of our soul…we can forgive…only loving is important…forgiveness is a fragrance of loving…I want to tell you that we must love Jesus too…Jesus loves us and his truth is marching on…when I hear Elvis Presley singing this song in the Hawaii show…Elvis let us in hurt and pain with a permature farewell…like Wuitney Houston,,,like Amy Winehouse…but Elvis sings ‘glory, glory, aleluia / glory, glory, aleluia / his truth is marching on’…I feel this

  4. So touching and powerful. Forgiveness is necessary and God wants that to happen. Even though you forgive does not mean one should walk back into toxic relationships. Forgiveness helps to know one can’t change the situation or relationship, but one can move on. Our soul is stronger than many believe. Trust God.

    • Thank you for viewing the blog. I just wrote this poem yesterday. It is amazing what message it speaks to each individual. The goal of this poem is yes to first deal with deep rooted hurts. What that hurt is, only the individual will know and understand. Healing from that hurt starts when there is a way out. This just happens to be one of those ways. May this poem be the blessing that God purposed for it as I have witnessed it being so far.

      Thanks again,

      Author Thelma Cunningham

  5. Beautiful thoughts, well said. I forgive constantly, but I don’t forget. Compassion has to accompany forgiveness and makes it easier. I feel like I know the person you are speaking about!

  6. Thelma, thank you for following my blog. What a beautifil prayer/poem. The Lord must have sent you my way cause i need to hear the truth about forgiveness again and again LOL…He is not finished with me yet thank goodness! It certainly gave me a positive outlook for the rest of the day. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for reading the blog. It is definitely hard sometimes to forgive. Especially when the person comes back on purpose to do it over and over again. That kind of forgiveness is sent by special delivery from Jesus. I have so much joy and faith in people everywhere. This poem is proof that no one can dare say that their are not people who want to hear loving messages to help them survive. Yes, please get to the heart of the matter. But, please leave me with the help needed afterwards. Help me deal with my issues. Then I can heal. Jesus does it perfectly every single time. Just like the words He sent through this poem. God Bless!

      Author Thelma Cunningham

  7. Thelma, thank you so much for deciding to follow my blog! I am honored! Your poem here on the many benefits of forgiveness is just wonderful and so very much needed in today’s world. These last two lines are ringing in my heart right now.

    “The freedom you give them is the same
    freedom that will save your own soul.”

    “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”, right?

    • Thank you for taking the time to read the blog. Oh how you blessed me by repeating the last lines of the poem. So true indeed. I first am granted the message as it is given to me as I write it. But then, I am blessed when someone notates the line that truly blessed them. It is like fresh revelation all over again.

      thanks for reading again. May their always be words of inspiration.

      Author Thelma Cunningham

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    • Hello! I thank you for your response. The poem deals with undealt with offences and hurts such as: Raped by friend, family member, or stranger, robbery, being cheated on by a spouse or partner, bullied by strangers, family or so called friends, targeted by strangers, abused by a spouse verbally or physically and by friend, family member or stranger: being tormented by a friend physically or mentally, being abandoned by a spouse, parent, friend, or society: being discriminated because of race, culture, mental challenges, or physical differences: Being framed and falsely accused and suffering because of it with your very life, being unforgiven because of unintentional mistakes: Blamed for any and everything. Having a love one killed or love ones that life now is never to return: Called demeaning names because of culture, race or gender or other. Just plain old lied on. Being a victim of any crime or crimes: Being fired unnecessarily, not given a well deserved promotion: Just plain old rejected over and over by anyone or what seems like everyone. Being drugged unaware or pressured into it by piers: Being pressured into crimes for acceptance. People who continue their behavior over and over again. Just any kind of hurt possible. How do you deal with offences, inhumane treatment and hurt? How? People are hurting because of various reasons or just a mere reason. Forgiveness must take place to stop the hurting left from these actions. Who can do this better than anyone? Jesus. You see anyone and everyone will make mistakes. Sometimes these are easy to forgive and sometimes folks would rather hold onto unforgiveness. Then their is the deepest of hurt like the lost of life or lives because of someone who is at fault for this? Yet, forgivenees must still be applied to give inner peace. No one can heal here but Jesus. Not anything you do or say may help where forgiveness is needed to take place. Many people love revenge for their relief and not forgiveness. This continues the hurt and not relief because then someone wants revenge for that person taking out revenge and not forgiveness most times. No matter the offense or how deep the hurt. How is the vicious cyclye stopped? By forgiveness and changing of behavior as much as possible. So again, the poem is about reaching in and finding the satrength to try and forgive offences as much as possible. The poem also deals with the emotional state of mind that takes place during this process. It never mentions the offences as I did here and it is not meant to. Each individual knows just where they are and where they need help and this includes myself. If you never had to deal with unforgiveness, then you are quite fortunate. I have and do to be honest over and over again. Jesus said to forgive 70 tiomes 7. In other words, their is no situation where you should not apply forgiveness and ask for his help to do so. Is it hard at times? Again yes! The reason for the poem. I’ll end with this, God’s heaven is filled with forgiven people. I know you will be there and I look forward to greeting you. How do I know that you will be there? You would not have responded if the poem did not have some kind of meaning for you. God Bless!

      Author Thelma Cunningham

  9. YES! I feel too often we just default to being bitter…and the first step to becoming bitter is to not forgive someone.
    as a person who struggles with bitterness myself I can say I’ve gone there all too often.
    -I got bitter because someone wronged me.
    -I forgave a person for wronging me…and they did not apologies, reconcile or repent of his actions…and I got bitter again.

    Things that helped me
    -Jesus forgave us and tells us to forgive one another.
    -Jesus tells us to not let any bitter root get in our heart.
    -even if someone doesn’t reconcile with you…FORGIVE them.
    so you can be free of the bitterness it brings. It will control
    you if you don’t.
    -The Holy Spirit gives us a new heart and a new mind and new
    desires of the heart. He gives us the power and strength to
    be a new person.

    • Hello! Thank you for viewing the blog. I could not have said it better than you. What you said is just perfect. Honest and very true. Thank you for your response. I am glad that this poem opened up such a great dialog. The good thing about the dialog is realizing that it points out that no one escapes offending at anytime so called big or little offences and that forgiveness is always applied no matter what the situation. The poem does not do anything but address forgiveness at it’s best!

      Author Thelma Cunningham

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  13. I’ve always felt forgiveness is a natural by-product of empathy…the moment you have empathised, you have forgiven. One of my favorite quotes by an Indian author, called Sangeeta Bhagwat is: “Until you are courageous enough to bring it up, you may never realize you were already forgiven.
    So often the other has moved to a space of love, while we remain trapped in our unspoken guilt.
    Be kind. Start afresh. Give love a chance”
    Thank you for following my blog. Much appreciated.
    Love and (de)light.

    • Yes! The truth is that folks love slaves. As long as I hold you to that then I hold you as a slave. The problem is that they become the slave to the circumstance while trying to make one out of the target that is free. To much loss energy indeed.

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