The Again And Again Praise

Jesus, Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the again and again




I know that I need you still again and again,


I know that the battle you have already won,

Jesus I know and before all declare you as my Savior

And God’s son,


Having said all that,

This does not mean that I will not have to come to you

again and again,

You are aware of this and that is how you said for it to be,

Depending on you for all and everything,

I thank you for always making provision for all my needs and

for totally forgiving my sins, taking away penalties and understanding me,

I so dearly need your help,








Every kind of  blessing that I am in advance thanking you for

and that I am always confessing again and again,

When my enemies try to make me ashamed that I need you again

and again,

Strengthen me Lord Jesus with your anointed caring favor,

When I fall weak from the battle at your alter

sometimes in despair,

Please send the help that I prayed for and need from far and near,

You are the God who never sleeps or

Forgets anything ever except my sins,

So again and again here I am,

Pouring out my heart,







Stress and troubles,

And yes,

As usual,

I need you again and again,

Sometimes it is family troubles,

Sometimes it is marriage difficulties,

Sometimes my selfish unforgiving attitude,

Yet, forgiveness is what I’ll need the most,

Sometimes it is financial crisis,

Sometimes it is flesh control issues that may be,






And yes, I need deliverance form these or that,

Most times it may be deliverance from cruel enemies that are

quite shrewd,

That plan my demise constantly and down fall,

The strife and ending of my life,

They plot and schedule my humiliation and disgrace,

They put me on display the same way they did you on many a day,

They strategize my dilemmas,

They set up the trials and trauma that bring tears to my face,


Again and again,

You send your deliverance,

You apply your mercy and grace,

You grant the favor and answers to my petitions,

All my trespasses and sins under your salvation plan

are totally forgiven,

And although I learn righteous lessons through the trials and

the load I through humility bear,


Again and again I thank you for always blessing me,

sending deliverance and,


Always being there.

written by Author Thelma Cunningham



176 thoughts on ““THE AGAIN AND AGAIN PRAISE”

  1. Hello and thank you for visiting and following my blog , you are very welcome. I was just reading this poem and it makes me think how much work God has to do. He must think when he looks at us and the world..”What have I done!” But then I forget that he has a plan! Be well and happy .

  2. Thank you for looking at and then following my blog. It is always interesting when I go and look up who is following it as there is more variety than I would have expected when first starting it.

    You are an example of that variety, a devout and devoted Christian who uses her creative talent to express her thoughts and beliefs and thanksgivings. I like that.

  3. What a beautiful pray and poem. A thankful heart open to Him. I love the first part of your poem,

    “Jesus, Heavenly Father,

    Thank you for the again and again,


    I know that I need you still again and again,”

    There are so many days that I am discouraged when I keep doing all the wrongs things and have to ask for forgiveness over and over again but what a comfort it is to be able to thank Him for all the blessings he provides daily whether I deserve them or not.

    Blessings to you, and thank you for sharing your gift, Jeanne

  4. Amen!! So thankful for His love and mercy. Thank you for the beautiful poem. I relate so very well.


  5. A psalm of Thelma. =)

    Very poignant and heart-felt. This is a poem that will be well worth rereading when life gets rough.

    ~ Timothy

    P.S. I can see I’m not the first to say this, but thank you for following my blog! I really appreciate it. =)

  6. I just read this quote, “It is in the quiet crucible of your personal, private suffering that your noblest dreams are born and God’s greatest gifts are given, in compensation for what you have been through.” Wintley Phipps
    and then read your post. Blessings to you!

  7. Thank you for following my blog. A beautiful poem, so thankful to Jesus, that his grace is sufficient, again and again!

  8. Hi Thelma, thanks for following my blog “Unwalled”. I can identify with your poem “The Again and Again Praise”…….beautifully written and so true……..just for the privilege of being His child, I praise Him again and again………peace and blessings!………Kim

  9. thank you-i like your words–they cover LIFE –it is hard that people do not realize that God made us in his image–so therefore He can make mistakes in the way life is presented to us-and so therefore we can be forgiven our transgressions as we stumble thru life
    sorry-i carry on too much thank you Will

    • Well, it is not God who makes or made the mistake. We were born in sin. We are still born with a free will. We must choose right the same way in the garden Adam and Eve were given a choice. The evil one that was kicked from heaven also made a wrong choice. The same one who deceived Eve. Now we must choose to go to be with Jesus as our destiny. As you can see daily that people are continually choosing burning, firey end. God said Choose life and His love. He cannot make the choice for you. If you do not obey his word, then it is you who makes the mistake not God. Jesus died for all mistakes made by us before we come to understand His love. They are all forgiven when we say please forgive my mistakes and I make you incharge for now on instread of me. It is such a relief to have his help. God Bless!

  10. Ms. Cunningham

    I hope my message finds you well. I am currently incarcerated for the death of a child rapist/ molester. Before my unfortunate subjugation I did open mic, and stand up poetry in schools in Philadelphia. Now I’m trying to find a way to get my poetry sold so that I can support my children behind bars. Is there any easy ways to get noticed? I don’t have much traffic on my site. Not really sure why – and I have no clue how many people even know about my blog. Is there any advice that you can give me at all? If you feel comfortable, you can write directly to me:

    Robert Thomas HV9362
    175 Progress Dr.
    Waynesburg, PA 15370


    Robert Thomas, The Lost Poet

  11. Thelma, thanks for following my blog; the First thing to jump out at me when I visited yours was your BEAUTIFUL floral display. I’m sure the theme allowed for a horizontal or vertical display, but the flowers are GORGEOUS. Where did you get them? I’m off now to read a few of your articles. Thanks again.

  12. This is so amazing and stunning. Can I have your permission to publish this in my churche’s weekly newsletter? Credits will be given of course. And thanks you so much for following my blog. Yours is worth following too.

    • Yes! Are we not all the same, and by what might are the poems here composed? All my inspiration comes from God. One is good at this and another at that. But all is done to give glory back to God. So indeed the attitude is perfect. For adoring what God is able to do is the perfect response. Thanks.

  13. This poem captures what I feel at certain moments in my life, sometimes I sense the need to kneel and become liberated of my strife. I know that what I read is true, as we are both souls, me and you!

  14. Hi Thelma–sorry for the incomplete comment above (please delete…somehow posted before I was finished).

    This poem-prayer is so lovely…inspirational and comforting. And thank you so much for choosing to follow my blog. I so appreciate your time and interest! Blessings, Diane

  15. Hi Thelma,

    Interesting to read your profile. Interesting to read your prayer. It’s beautiful and quite comprehensive. Not many more corners to sweep out. God treasures honesty. I was truly blessed by your prayer. Thank you for this and for visiting me and liking my Father’s Day Alone poem, however depressing that might be. It speaks to the reality of our turbulous time. Fortunately, God has been good to us in our marriage of 45 years. Only He can keep us together.

  16. Again and again — so thankful that God gives second chances and invites us to come back to Him again and again to receive love and forgiveness. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for following my blog.

    • Hi! We all have to find our way to God and the understanding of why He chose to give us free choice to love him or not. Sometimes we go through quite a bit before our understanding is reawakened under the pure love flowing from Jesus heart. The bible is not about do’s and do nots. It is about love, protection, guidance. Do we as humans make big and little mistakes, you bet ya!One and all! There are people crucifying people everyday for what they feel they have the right to do. Yet, they are expecting God’s acceptance and forgiveness of all their actions. Does God see hurt and unfairness? Yes! Does God know that we as people lack and need his guidance? Yes! You bet ya! I only want people to understand that God wants everyone He gave the breath of life to to live with him at their end. We must understand and believe. So most of all, forgiveness is a must to help you heal and be able to receive all of God’s pure love that is waiting to be poured on us daily. Their will al;ways be challenges and attacks from the eveil one through people in one form or another. The good news is that We can go to Jesus to handle the situatiion and not ourself which is a great relief. Lastly, all we need to do to receive his constant help and eternal life is say Jesus, I need you to save me from sinning. I accept you as my Savior. Why? Because I need your help to help me while I dwell here. Then when I die, I want to go where you have made things for me more wonderful than I could imagine. See, Salvation is not about anything else but you knowing that Jesus and God is there to help you now and also give you a wonderful place to dwell when it is your time to go. Read the Bible, pray, and ask Jesus, God the father for love, guidance, help, provision and protection. And, never forget to thank him when you are blessed to receive your answers. God Bless! You are loved.

  17. They say He moves in strange ways. Just a few minutes ago I was photographing Stargazer lilies just like these in your background. Another of His beautiful blessings. Thanks for following.

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I loved this…I’m reminded of His faithfulness, His love and mercy, His provision and protection….again and again! Bless you my sister….again and again:)

  19. Lovely blog! Thank you for following me, and God bless you! I am now following you, too! Looking forward to reading more of your posts tomorrow! Again, God bless you my sister in Christ!

  20. I love your poem, it says it all. We are sinners and will always be sinners but if we accept Jesus Christ as our savior we will always be forgiven if we just ask. This past Sunday my Pastor gave a wonderful sermon as usual but one statement really stood out to me “we do not have a religion, we have a relationship with God”

    Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I look forward to reading more of your poems 🙂

    Have a wonderful blessed day!

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